AC grid to battery bidirectional interface (AC2B)


Project Description

Integrated system for battery storage management.

Project Details

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AC2B is a device that interfaces the AC network with a battery storage system. The application from which the device takes its cue is “ENERCOD”, a project which demonstrates accumulation in two very different application areas: buildings (for optimized micro generation and use of electrical energy) and mobile charging stations for electric vehicles.

AC2B principle of operation

The AC2B module can accept two battery packs (typically lithium-ion) with a nominal voltage between XX and YY V on the one hand and the single-phase AC grid on the other.

In the market, there are very few devices functionally similar to AC2B, however this device is distinguished by:

  • high modularity;
  • compactness, thanks to the use of innovative power components (GaN);
  • “hot swap” on/off capability.

The single device is designed for installation within a modular system, comprising multiple batteries, each connected to an AC2B interface.

Fields of Application

Electric vehicle recharge
Energy storage in buildings (civil, industrial)